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Current Sermon Series

A High Place (2013): Taking It To Another Level!

Acknowledging God
God's Word
Respect Yourself


Sensing God!

Acknowledging God
Ears To Hear
Eyes To See
Feelings That Perceive
Taste And Smell
Non-Sensing God

Previous Sermon Series

In God We Trust! v6

Thank God We Live In America!
Freedom Of Religion?


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Family Reality! It Is What It Is...

A Desperate Situation
A Deliberate Sincerity

True Value: Building Families Up!

The True Value Of A Woman
I Truly Have Value
Valuing My Relationships
Investing In Others
The True Value Of A Good Man

Why America Is Free!

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Why Memorial Day?

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ABC: All Because Christ...

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LEADERS LEAD: That's What Leaders Do...

The Feelings Of Jesus!

All Points...
Your Feelings Of Jesus

The Mission!


A Good God!

Taste & See
Ask Yourself

Bless Your Heart!

My Heart Is My Responsibility
Heart Smart


C Jesus Reach
A Wide Reach
Reach Everybody
Forgiveness... An Inviting Message
Love... Makes Church A Desirable Place

The Best Life... The Blessed Life!

God Thinks I Can
Listen Up
Walk This Way
Think Like This
Blessed Relationships

Unto Us Is Given...


Unconditional Love!

It's Grrreat!
Believing Is Receiving
The Measure Of The Gift Of Jesus
Embracing And Experiencing God's Love

More Off-Roading!

MICAH: Faithful Servant
AMOS: A Fig Pickin' Preacher
MICAH: God's Messenger

Pilgrims And Pioneers!

The Pilgrimage
Four Pilgrims
A Serious Pioneer

Reality Check!

What Fellowship Church Is About
10 Years Of Blessing
God Remembers
They Remember

Mystery Babylon!

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Global Snapshots!

Are The End Times Our Times
What Will Faith Look Like In The Times?

PURSUIT! What Are You Running After?

Trivial Pursuit
Material Pursuit
Pretential Pursuit

The Greatest Is Love!

Mrs. Solomon
The Language Of Love
The Wedding & The Honeymoon
The Testing Of Love


Put God First
Trust God With All Of Your Heart
Be Wise And Not A Fool
Like What God Likes
Heart Smart


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Winning Not Whining!

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THINK: Or Not To Think!

Not To Think
What Do You Think?
Winning The Battle In My Mind
Having The Mind Of Christ

A High Place
Jesus My Deliverer
Mountain Fresh

Abraham Lincoln!

Providence & Prayer
The Bible, Church & Freedom
The Gettysburg Address & Final Words

In God We Trust 5!

IF... Then!
Our Heritage In Song
Why America?

Family Favor!

God Bless Momma
The BEST Relationship
MaFathers & FaMothers
More Bless For Your Buck
How To Be A Favored Father

EQUILIBRIUM: Finding The Balance Family

New Balance
Relative Balance
Sorry Balance
Checking Balance
Tough Balance


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On The Shore!

The Boat You're In
Boat Trippin' With Jesus
My Boat, His Vessel

Goodbye Earl! Dealing With Inner Conflict...

Identifing The Enemy
Confronting The Enemy
Burying The Enemy

Power & Victory!

The Power Of The Cross
Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Power Of The Holy Spirit



The Quest! A Journey To Blessing!

Oh Yes - God Can Bless A Mess
I Wanna Be Blessed - Part 1
I Wanna Be Blessed - Part 2
From A Mess, To Blessed

Samson: A Not So Super Man!

A Strong Beginning
A Strong Weakness
A Strong Finish

The Love Of Brothers!

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Under Construction!

Proceed With Caution - Part One
Proceed With Caution - Part Two
Attitude Is Everything
Two Minute Warning

We're Doing It!

Treasures From Christmas!

Treasures For Dispelling Fear
Treasures For Developing Faith
The Treasure Of Jesus
Treasures For Disciplined Feet

My Christmas Carol!

My Christmas Past
My Christmas Present
My Christmas Future

Amazing Grace!

100% God | 0% Me
I'm A Pig
My Story For His Glory
Are You Grace Full?

R U Kiddin Me?

LOL! (Laugh Out Loud)
XMe? (Excuse Me)
AAS! (Alive And Smiling)
UR2F! (You Are Too Funny)

Vital Signs!

EKG Of The Economy
EKG Of The Family
EKG Of The Church

Why Wouldn't Ya?

Put God First
Trust God With All Your Heart
Be Wise And Not A Fool
Like What God Likes

Traveling Light!

Lose Weight By Waiting
Walking On Water
The Speed Of Light

Parables: The Greatest Stories Ever Told!

Parable Of The Fig Tree
Parable Of The Ten Virgins
Parable Of The Talents
Parable Of The Sheep And Goats
Parable Of The Prodigal
Parable Of The $50 Measley Bucks
Parable Of The Rich Fool
Parable Of Lazarus And The Rich Man


Git'n It Down!
Git'n It Goin!
Git'n It Right!
Git'n 'R Done!


Respect God
Respect Others
Respect Yourself

In God We Trust v4!

Abraham Lincoln
Benjamin Franklin


Enduring Difficulties
God's Power
Having A Great Attitude
8 Secrets To Avoiding Temptation
Being A Man After God's Own Heart

Momma Said!

Momma Was... Momma Is...
Romans 8:28 Is Still In The Bible
You Matter To God! And You Matter To Me!
Get Out Your Note Pad
You Gotta Give God His First
Happiness Is A Huggy Hubby

Jesus Christ STRONG!

The Man
His Mission
The Madness
The Morning

Rough & Real!

Suffering Can Knock You Out
Real Faith Means Real Action
Real Faith Means No Prejudice
Real Faith Means Taming The Tongue
The War Within
Live Today
Real Faith Means Really Caring

Making It!


Mary's Song Of Worship
Joseph's Walk Of Worship
Shepherd's Simple Steps Of Worship
Wise Men Value Worship

Bless This Mess!

Can God Bless A Mess?
I Want To Be Blessed
The Prodigal's Dad
From A Mess To Rock Solid

Something Wicked Comes!

The AntiChrist
Mystery Babylon
Treat Or Trick


JONATHAN: A True Friend
CALEB: A Bulldog For God
JABEZ: A Man Of Prayer
ENOCH: A Testimony Translated

Mixed Nuts!

Road Trip
Personality Disorders
Physical Therapy
The Road Back Home

In God We Trust - Series Three!

Harvard University
Independence Day

Mixed Nuts!

Crazy Momma
Crazy Faith
Crazy Communication
Crazy Bunch
Crazy Finances
Crazy Dudes

Move Me!

Position For Power
Parameters For Power
Purpose For Power
Presence Of Power

The Hunt!

The Cross Hairs Of Christ
The Camouflaging Of Christ

Still Standing!

GPS: God's Position System
BS: Dealing With Your Belief System
SOS: Crying Out To God For Help
IS: Because Jesus Christ Is - I Can


750K Race To The Finish
What It Takes To Finish
Loving All The Way To The End

Star Watch!

Signs In The Heavens
Take Back The Zodiac
It's A Miracle
Big God

Keepsakes At Christmas!

Treasures For Dispelling Fear
Treasures For Developing Faith
Treasures For Discovering Favor
Treasures For Disciplined Feet

A Praising Grace!

Grace: 100% God, Zero% Me
My Story For His Glory

ISRAEL: Prevailing Prince!

A Biblical History Of Israel (pt1)
A Biblical History Of Israel (pt2)
The Final Solution: Annihilation Of A Nation
Israel's Future

U-Haul (You Haul!)

My Personal Responsibility
My Responsibility To Others
Unloading My Trunk Of Junk
I'm Moving On


ELEVATE: Taking It To Another Level!

Jesus: Our Example
God's Word: Our Instruction
Prayer: Our Opportunity
Faith: Our Substance
Endurance: Our Survival
Smell: Our Actions

In God We Trust - Version Two!

Is The United States A Christian Nation?
Is God Mentioned In The Declaration Of Independence?

We Need Mo' Leadership!

Mo's Momma
Mo's Mental
Mo's Maturity

Mo's Moment
Mo's Marriage
Mo's Miracle
Mo's Mantle


The Power Of The Cross
The Power Of The Resurrection
The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Keeping The Faith... In Tough Times!

Recognizing The Problem
Remembering Some History
Realize The Danger
Ready Yourself Every Day

Building... In The Tough Times!



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Prince Of Peace
Prints Of Peace
Imprints Of The Prince

The End Game!
The State Of The World
The State Of The Economy
The State Of The Church
The State Of The Family
The State Of The Union

On Purpose!

Stand Firm
Stand Up
Stand Against Temptation
Stand Alone
Stand For Family Values

No Way? YES WAY!
The Opposite Of No Way
Yes Way To Forgiveness
Yes Way To Carrying His Cross
Yes Way To Miracles
Yes Way To The Blessed Way

In God We Trust!

George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson

Reality Family!
A Desperate Situation
A Delusional Scenario
A Delicate Subject
Deliberate Sincerity
Divine Sovereignty

Are You In?

A Happenin' Place
His Body
His Temple
The Mystery
A New Man
The Bride
I Am A Soldier

The Heart Of The Savior
The Heart Of The Savior Stopped Beating
The Heart Of The Savior Beats Again

Thy Will Be Done!
I Will Acknowledge God
I Will Know God's Word
I Will Have Good Judgment
I Will Exercise My Freedom To Choose

.I Can't See It
I Can See It
99% God... 1% Me
Jesus Christ: The Ultimate Warrior

Promises Of Jesus!
John 14
John 15

Journey Of Joy!
.A Personal Journey
The Prophet Of The Highest
The Journey Of Mary & Joseph
The Journey Of Jesus


The Four Horsemen!
.The White Horse
The Red Horse
The Black Horse
The Pale Horse

24: It's All You Have!
.Do It Now
Tomorrow Never Comes
What If Today You Breathed Your Last Breath
Winning Or Whining
Life's Too Short Not To Fish

Catch The Wave!
. The Big Wave Of Faith
The Great Wave Of Grace
Know The Power Of The Wave
The Wave Of God's Goodness
When The Waves Turn Rough
Give It Up For The Wave

Just Do It!

Hallmark Moments!

Momma Moments
Kid Moments
Painful Moments
Marriage Moments
Money Moments
Daddy Moments

Unusual Faith Occurrences!
Near Death Experiences

I'm Nailed
He Was Nailed
Get It Nailed

Stand Alone Messages
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Let's Roll!
Mercy: Price Paid!

Carry His Cross

Making The Right Decisions!

The Victory Eight!
Grasshoppers Or Giants?
How To Get Rich Quick: Count Your Blessings!
Spirit Control!
Open Your Heart Before You Open The Door!
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